Letter: Shed light on former city attorney’s actions



On April 25, 2019, Current published a letter by several female city employees, a few from the legal department, that stated, “The truth is: In all of the years that we have worked in City Hall, we have NEVER, let us repeat NEVER, experienced nor observed any inappropriate behavior by the mayor toward anyone.” In light of the founded allegations of harassment by former city attorney Doug Haney against a legal department employee, I hope these women will defend the mayor publicly for his handling of the investigation of Doug Haney, whereby the victim was put on leave and Haney received pay after resigning.

The same Haney who as a purely private citizen has written letters to this paper in support of Brainard on April 23, 2015, and April 27, 2019, where he stated: “When Ms. Pauley reached the mayor’s group, she placed her hand on what appeared to be the mayor’s rear end, and I saw the mayor partially turn around in surprise. I remember thinking at the time that such a public display of affection was unseemly for an elected official and probably embarrassing to the mayor.”

I hope one of these “concerned private citizens” will shed some light on the behavior of Haney over the years, and how the mayor and the HR department handled this very concerning situation regarding Mr. Haney, who thankfully again is just merely a “private citizen,” instead of Brainard’s chief legal counselor.

Eric S. Morris, Carmel