Westfield city attorney calls July 26 council minutes “concerning” and “inaccurate” 


The Westfield City Council met Aug. 9. Per the first agenda item, City Attorney Manny Herceg expressed concern about the council’s minutes from its July 26 meeting.

At that meeting, Clerk-Treasurer Cindy Gossard said the BeyondTrust software the city uses for remote IT assistance resembled spyware and shared concerns she and her office had about the software. IT Director Chris Larsen responded by saying the software wasn’t spyware, and a lengthy discussion ensued.

CIW COM 0622 campaign contributions mug of herceg

Herceg said the minutes of that meeting didn’t include Larsen’s comments and were incomplete and inaccurate. He said there also was no recording in the minutes about a council member’s question regarding the software.

“It was just glossing over what happened with the clerk’s full statement,” Herceg said. “It’s a concern. It’s a public record. That’s going to be cemented and it’s not accurate.”
Gossard is responsible for recording the council’s minutes.

Council President Mike Johns said the council would take Herceg’s concerns under consideration and asked for the minutes to be reviewed and be presented at the next council meeting.

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