Column: Elegant grill station composition isn’t complicated


Commentary by Bill Bernard

The trend of designing with clean, simple and elegant lines is not just for interior remodeling. The use of crisp, refined details is something we love using in our outdoor living spaces as well. The photo of the grill station shown here is a great example of using simple materials in an elegant composition.

Our recipe for a creating an enjoyable grill station includes a cooking appliance, a preparation space and an area where friends and family can keep the grill master company. The cooking appliance can vary from a kamado-style charcoal-fired grill to a propane-fueled freestanding grill to a high-end natural gas built-in grill head. There are ways to incorporate each of the aforementioned into a grill station. No matter which style of cooking appliance you enjoy, your grilling experience will be improved by having an adjacent countertop space to place all the necessary platters and utensils within easy reach. The third ingredient of the best grill station designs is an adjacent area where friends can be close enough for conversation but not so close so as to prevent the grill master from working their magic.

In this particular project, the assembly of materials and elements creates a functional and fun outdoor living space. The inclusion of the brightly colored stools enlivens the space by contrasting the clean simple lines of the grill station.

Does your outdoor living space need something simple?

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