Westfield resident Sulewski’s comeback begins in Carmel Marathon


Despite being the 2015 Carmel Marathon women’s champion, Lucie Sulewski understands winning that race April 3 in a competitive field would be a real long shot.

“This time I have no expectations. Being able to run is a win,” Lucie Sulewski said of running in the Carmel Marathon. “I thank the good Lord I am running and grateful for each and every step forward. I have run for over 40 years. As much as I still love to try to run hard, it is different, but I still love the challenge and the sport.”

CIW COM 0330 carmel marathon runner
Lucie Sulewski running at the Indianapolis Half-Marathon. (Submitted photo)

The 50-year-old Westfield resident had surgery on her right foot on May 7, 2020, for Haglund’s syndrome, a condition where an extra part of heel bone sticks and causes irritation and inflammation.

“The Indianapolis Mini-Marathon May 2019 was the last race that I raced without being in pain,” Sulewski said.

She did race the Indianapolis Women’s Half Marathon in September 2019 and the Indianapolis Half Marathon the next month but said her game was far from 100 percent.

“I managed to run the NYC Marathon in November 2019 but had to walk from Mile 18 as my foot was a hot mess,” she said. “Walking was extremely painful. I certainly treasure that medal as it was the last normal NYC Marathon prior to the pandemic.”

After that, Sulewski had to stop running.

“I have never had surgery and it was rough,” she said. “Many times, I wondered if I would ever run again.”

Although surgery was successful, she said it’s been a very difficult comeback.

“With the help of an excellent physical therapist I was able to start having pain-free miles in October of 2020,” she said. “As much as I love to run and compete, I thought maybe I can do the Carmel Marathon. Injury and age come, but my coach, Matt Ebersole, told me age will affect you when you let it. I will be extremely happy to cross the finish line and that will be a success. My last full marathon was the Monumental Marathon in November 2017. That one I tripped and fell at Mile 3 but thankfully was able to get up and continue on.”