School of Rock Fishers features new Blues Camp


The School of Rock nationally has made a commitment to feature more music created by Black artists in its music education program.

In support of the Rock Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Initiative, the School of Rock Fishers will add a new Blues camp from June 21-25, School of Rock Fishers General Manager Matt McFarland said.

“Our Pop Punk camps are always very popular, as well as our Classic Rock Rewind, Rookies (ages 5-7) and our Songwriting Camps,” McFarland said.

The first camp will be Pop Punk Camp from June 7-11.

During the summer of 2020, the Fishers school had planned eight camps, but were only able to conduct two because of the COVID 19 pandemic.

“We cap each camp at about eight kids per group,” McFarland said. “With our COVID safety procedures in place, this is the most we can allow while ensuring safety is still our top priority.”

McFarland said with current camp signups, the school can already to offer five of the camps, with a few spots remaining.

“School of Rock has been working with a UCLA medical professional, along with the CDC guidelines to ensure we are keeping everyone involved safe, yet still having just as much fun,” McFarland said. “Everyone in the building must wear a face mask at all times. In lessons, we have plastic barriers between the teachers and students and are disinfecting between lessons. In rehearsals, we have everyone 6 feet apart, face masks, plastic barriers in front of vocalists, and are disinfecting between each song.

“For camps, it will be the exact same restrictions in place. At the end of the week, we will do an outdoor concert or livestream the performances.”

McFarland has been the general manager for just more than a year and runs the school with his wife, Mandy.

“I was one of the first students at the Carmel School of Rock nine years ago,” said McFarland, who started working at the Carmel school more than two years ago and then became the Fishers general manager.

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