At the Table with Anna: Gauchos Fire


Where to go: Gauchos Fire

Address:  906 Carrollton Ave., Indianapolis

What to get: Beef skewer

Price: $10

Anna’s take: I write this review with a bit of a warning – The Garage food hall in downtown Indianapolis can get crazy busy, especially on weekends. For the most part, I’ve visited in the middle of the day during the week, so it hasn’t been too busy, but when I went on a weekend, it was jam-packed. Like shoulder-to-shoulder. So, if you’re uncomfortable with being in crowds at this time, The Garage probably isn’t for you. It’s a fun place, but you have to pay for parking and all but fight for a table inside. On that note, Gauchos Fire sells Brazilian street food in The Garage. I suggest the beef skewers. The Garage has a lot of restaurants, and the best way to approach it is to order a bit of everything from a few different restaurants so you can get a good understanding of what’s available. The beef skewers are easy. They’re not messy and are easy to reheat at home if you get full snacking on any of the other items. I suggest ordering them medium rare. They come with a side of fries and chimichurri sauce, and they’re served on a kebab, which makes them easy to eat.