Opinion: A well-timed epiphany


Last weekend, I was super excited to ship my goddaughter her First Communion gift. It’s a rather obnoxious holographic image of Christ and two lambs in an ornate gilded frame that my family sends around to whichever household is celebrating a sacrament. But as I was hauling it to the van, I realized I’d left my purse sitting on the kitchen table. So, I set it on the driver’s seat and ran back inside. Upon my return, I saw “Him” sitting there. Oh, my god! Jesus was literally behind the wheel! Well played, Subconscious. Well. Played.

I most certainly have been caught up lately worrying about stuff that is absolutely outside my control, such as unhappy college kids, a challenging school environment, scheduling my father’s memorial service, to name a few. But the fact is, we are still living in a pandemic, and there is not a darn tootin’ thing I can do to change that.

My co-eds are not having the time of their lives, and one is downright miserable. Tough stuff, my darlings. I can offer advice and, if necessary, a hug, but you’ll need to forge your own path here. As for my admittedly sucky teaching right now, I must acknowledge that I am doing the best that I can while juggling in-person and remote learners simultaneously on an alternating block schedule, and that it will have to be good enough. And though I desperately need closure with Dad’s passing, it simply isn’t safe or responsible to hold the kind of funeral he wanted.

So, Jesus, I’m handing my worries to you. Take the wheel!

Peace out.