Westfield High School receives ‘all clear’ after security threat 


Westfield High School received a threat around 11 a.m. Jan. 25 and immediately sheltered in place. A press release from Westfield Washington Schools did not specify what the threat was, but the Westfield Police Dept. secured the building and has given WHS the all-clear to resume normal activities. Students and staff have resumed their normal schedule.

WWS and WPD released the following joint statement:

“This morning, Westfield High School received a threat and immediately went into its lockdown safety protocols. Westfield Police Department secured the building and no students or staff were injured. There was no shooting or any act of violence at the school. No weapons or instruments of destruction were found during the on-site investigation. WPD gave WHS the all-clear and WHS resumed normal activities with increased police presence. In the process of the investigation, which remains ongoing, the police spoke with several individuals with knowledge of the situation.

“As you know, WWS has a strong partnership with the WPD and they will work together to continue to monitor the situation. The safety of our students, staff and community remains a top priority. We thank you for your continued support and cooperation.”