Letter: Post-COVID suggestions



Living through a pandemic has caused us to practice safeguards for ourselves and others. Some of the adjustments we are all making have not been all bad. Ten things that we should consider keeping after we get over COVID-19:

1. Plexiglas at cashier stations.
2. Smaller number of students in our classrooms and continued use of meaningful technology as one part of student learning.
3. Less handshaking. A smile, a nod, a wave, a bow all work.
4. No yelling opinions at one another – too much spittle involved in loud voices. Keep conversations respectful.
5. Zoom or Google (Meet) with friends and family who live far away. (It’s) nice to see one another when we talk.
6. Having public surfaces wiped down more than occasionally.
7. Drive-in political campaign rallies.
8. Thanking people who do so much for others (thank you, medical personnel, custodians, delivery drivers, home health care workers, nursing home workers, restaurant workers, grocery store workers).
9. Wear a mask anytime you want.
10. Listening to the experts (not extreme conspiracy theorists or online opinion-makers who are mainly concerned about ratings) and electing governmental leaders who are knowledgeable, service-oriented and make decisions to benefit all Americans.

Shelley Carey, Carmel