Opinion: Resolute to blame COVID


Dare I make resolutions for 2021? Though I’ve shied away from these in recent years, I believe this might be the perfect moment to try again. Coming off 2020, there shouldn’t be any real expectations of achievement, right? And like we’ve done now for several months, we can always blame COVID-19 for our failures. All things considered, then, dare I shall!

My first resolution is to be nicer to my husband, Doo. This is often challenging because, as an introvert, I desperately crave alone time amidst quiet surroundings. Doo, on the other hand, is a fast-and-furious extrovert who loves to engage 24/7. Not surprisingly, I occasionally shut him down with eye rolls, snarky comments and just plain rudeness. I’m not mean on purpose; it’s an instinctual, genetic, automatic response: “Must protect sanity!” So, that’s No. 1, “Be kinder to Doo.”

For my second resolution, I will attempt to be a better daughter. I’ve never been great with phoning home, but now that my father is gone, it’s been even harder to check in with my mother. I much prefer living in my own little world where Dad is still alive to being confronted with the pain of his absence whenever I talk to Mom. But that’s not healthy, and it’s extraordinarily selfish, so No.2 is, “Call Mom every Sunday.”

I won’t promise to cuss less or eat healthier or, god forbid, hug more freely (there’s a pandemic raging, people!), but I will dare to meet the aforementioned New Year’s resolutions. Good luck with your own in 2021. And if you fail, remember to blame COVID. I know I will.

Peace out.