Letter: Lessons learned in 2020



We are all excited about 2020 coming to an end, but let’s not forget the good and the lessons learned.

We confirmed that our political leaders can work together, albeit at the very last minute after bickering like adolescent monsters.

We learned that diversity and inclusion remain a chronic social issue, ignored by many and not given the correct cultural, religious, political and business entity prioritization.

We learned that no one person knows all, and that one person can almost destroy the social fabric of our country.

We learned (that) collectively, government and public and private sectors can rally to achieve an unimaginable feat in developing a vaccine for COVID-19, breaking all estimated time frames.

We learned the media has too much influence and is intentionally destroying our culture and respect for each other.

We learned that our first responders, doctors, nurses and all medical professionals should be Time Magazine’s Person/People of the Year.

We learned that Zoom is a communication lifesaver.

We learned that we can count votes correctly.

We learned masks save lives.

We learned we need to pray more.

We learned that what we learned we need to remember in 2021.

Derek Gryna, Carmel