Letter: Glad to see increasing diversity



I would like to offer a brief counterpoint to the opinion expressed in the letter by Mr. Smith in your Dec. 8 issue, in which he bemoaned the recent election results in Carmel, laying blame on those who rent within our city and claiming that they dilute the voices of, in his view, the true taxpayers in the city, property owners.

I, for one, am glad that the Carmel community is becoming more diverse in population, in housing opportunities, and, especially, in political opinion. I do not agree with everything that has taken place here in the name of progress over the last few decades, but I would much rather live in a community which looks forward as opposed to one which seeks only to hold on to the past. We should be open to new people and new ideas, for that is how our culture is enriched.

And, just to be clear, my spouse and I have been property-owning residents of Carmel for almost 30 years, so not even all property owners think the same!

J. Robert Peterson, Carmel