Baby box installed at Station 83


A new Safe Haven baby box has been installed at Westfield Fire Dept. station No. 83, 17944 Grassy Branch Rd., Nov. 13.

Safe Haven Baby Box’s mission is to end infant abandonment by raising awareness of the Safe Haven Law and providing resources for legal infant surrender. The baby box at WFD is an example of a legal infant surrender.

The new Westfield box is the 51st location in the nation.

“I am pleased to see Westfield have a Safe Haven Baby Box,” Westfield Mayor Andy Cook stated. “While I hope it is never used, it is important that we have this available for a parent in crisis. Every baby deserves a chance, and this program is one way to make that possible.”

Cook’s wife, Barb, was led the fundraising efforts for the baby box. Safe Haven Baby Boxes cost approximately $15,000 to install. They are equipped with alarm systems to immediately notify staff at the fire station if the box is used. The boxes also have heating and cooling features and are made to lock as soon as a baby is placed inside.

“We are always looking for innovative ways to serve our community,” Westfield Fire Dept. Chief Marcus Reed stated. “Adding a Safe Haven Baby Box to one of our stations is just another way we can proactively protect our most vulnerable.”

Indiana is one of five states with an updated Safe Haven Law to include additional infant surrender options, such as the Safe Haven Baby Box.

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