Play worldwide courses at X Golf Carmel 


With cold weather setting in, Jesse Hughes figures business is about to heat up.

Hughes is director of instruction at X Golf Carmel, 14511 Clay Terrace Blvd, Suite 200, the company’s only location in Indiana and one of 26 in the U.S.

“When the weather gets cold, it’s (busy) from open to close,” Hughes said.

The Carmel facility opened in November 2019.

“It’s a family friendly entertainment venue,” said Hughes, a PGA member. “The simulators are state of the art. They are as good as there is in the business. There are four sensors on the floor, high-speed cameras coming down from the ceiling that pick up all the characteristics of the ball flight and club swinging. That allows it to track it out.”

There are 46 golf courses from around the world that customers can play in a single day. A large portion are South Korean and Japanese courses because the company was founded in South Korea.

“We have the best technology as far as indoor simulators go from hitting tee shots to chipping and putting,” Hughes said.

The emphasis is to enjoy the game in a fun, climate-controlled atmosphere, Hughes said. There is music, food and a full bar.

“The really good golfers are going to geek out a little bit on the technology,” Hughes said. “So, if I can find out my club head speed, my ball speed, my launches, my spin rates, that’s something that can help me improve as a golfer.”

Hughes said non-golfers enjoy the non-intimidating atmosphere.

“It’s not a country club,” Hughes said. “It’s not a golf course where I have to dress properly. Pace of play is going to be strictly up to yourselves, so you don’t have to worry about people in front or behind you as you do on a golf course. So, it’s a nice, relaxed atmosphere for non-golfers.”

Rates are by the hour and are determined by the day and time. Weekdays before 4 p.m., it’s $40 per hour per bay. It’s $50 in the evening on weekdays and $60 throughout weekends. Six players are allowed per bay. There are six bays with a maximum capacity of 90 people inside the venue

Hughes has been a PGA pro in Florida, Chicago and Scottsdale, Ariz. He was director of golf for Topgolf in Scottsdale for five years before being furloughed when the COVID-19 pandemic struck in March. Hughes, a Fishers resident, took the X Golf position in July.

Clubs are available for rent, but Hughes recommends regular golfers bring their own clubs to take advantage of the realistic simulators.

“If I’m going to play a golf course, I want to take my clubs, because typically they were built for me,” he said. “I know my game and I know my game with my clubs.”

Hughes said private lessons are available for adults and children along with classes for groups of three to six people. X Golf Carmel is owned by Carmel resident Jared Perras.

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