Fishers Fire Dept. offers virtual tour


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Fishers Fire Dept. was unable to offer an in-person grand opening for its newest station and headquarters, Station 91. Instead, the department offered a virtual tour.

Capt. John Mehling conducted the virtual tour and began on the outside of the building, where he showed viewers an Honored Retirees memorial and a monument remembering Raymond “Bud” Moulder, a Fishers assistant fire chief who died in the line of duty in 1967 after saving another firefighter’s life.

Capt. Todd Rielage showed viewers the inside of the station. In the station’s entryway is another memorial to Moulder, the “Bud Moulder Cabinet”, which was created by one of Moulder’s family members to showcase Moulder’s service to the community.

The entryway also is equipped with a panic button, which will lock the front doors and alert public safety officials.

The tour showcased the south bay, which houses four of the seven apparatuses at Station 91. The north bay houses the other three apparatuses. The station includes a training tower and hose tower, in which hose can be dried from an elevated place. It also is used for training for high-rise scenarios.

The house siren is on top of the tower. The siren was previously on top of a silo which is no longer standing. The Fishers Fire Dept. refurbished and repainted the siren so it can be used for special ceremonies.  The station also incorporated the fire pole from the old Station 91 into its new building.

The video goes into detail about many other areas of the station, including the PPE storage room, fitness room and bunk areas.

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