Letter: Intersection near high school unlike the others



Thank you for covering the information about the proposed roundabout at 4th Ave and E. Main Street on Nov. 3. I appreciate the Carmel Clay Schools board replying to my previous email and understand there is little they can do in regard to the land transfer. The departments need to work together to create a solution that is best for all.

I am disappointed in Mayor Jim Brainard’s comments. There may be a false sense of security with a traffic light, but a roundabout leaves pedestrians at the uncertainty of traffic stopping or a large gap to cross. This intersection is the beginning of the Arts & Design District that has wonderfully evolved under Mayor Brainard’s tenure. This intersection rightly draws a large number of pedestrians, not just from Carmel High School but the library and residents.

My only expectation is they treat this project with careful consideration and not just a copy of another successful roundabout, because this intersection is not like any of the others. And crossing guards before and after school are not good enough.

I am disappointed that (City of Carmel Engineering Administrator Josh) Kirsh nor (city councilor Bruce) Kimball gave any response or direction of this project to the community. The only way to create a good solution is to involve the community and be forthcoming of their plans.

Carolyn Wyatt, Carmel