Characters of Carmel: Meet Jacob Matthew Wittman

CIC COM 1117 CoC Wittman
Jacob Matthew Wittman is the executive chef at No Label at the Table on Main Street. (Submitted photo)

Commentary by Shelly Gattlieb

Since he was 2 years old, a gluten- and dairy-free diet has been a necessity for Jacob Matthew Wittman. As a toddler, he loved helping his mom bake his “special” treats, and he was later inspired even more by the chefs at Disney World.

As he grew, so did his interest and love of cooking. He did not enjoy academics or school but loved figuring out the science of his allergen-free recipes. He now goes by Chef J and is the executive chef at his own gluten-free and dairy-free bakery.

In 2018, the Main Street location of No Label at the Table held its grand opening with 13 employees, who are all on the autism spectrum. No Label at the Table is a gluten- and dairy-free food company with a mission to employ people on the autistic spectrum. The bakery continues to enjoy success under the direction of Chef J and his mother, Shelly Chef J’s favorite thing about going to work is getting to bake with his friends.

Family: Mother, Shelly, father, Jeff, brother, Sam

Has lived in Carmel: 13 years and previously lived in England and Massachusetts

Favorite activity in Carmel: Checking out books at the library

Best way to relax: Play on mobile phone apps

Favorite thing to cook: Smoked ribs

Favorite movie: “Toy Story”

Favorite chefs to watch: Jamie Oliver and Swedish Chef of “The Muppets”

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