Bash Boutique to open in Carmel space vacated by Tina’s Traditional tearoom


Bash Boutique owner Amber Noone was looking for the right landing in Carmel.

She found it at 30 N. Range Line Rd., which was recently vacated by Tina’s Traditional tearoom. She expects the store to open this month.

CIC DOUGH 1110 Bash Boutique 1

Noone’s Westfield store, which opened in 2016, closed in June when her lease was up.

“It was my intention to find a location in Carmel. Just with the uncertainty of COVID-19, that set us back a bit,” Noone said.

The majority of her Westfield customers were from Carmel, she said.

“This move to Carmel has been something I have been thinking about for a long time, but I just couldn’t settle on a location until I found this, and everything seemed to fall into place,” Noone said. “Also, the parking in Westfield was a challenge, along with the lack of retailers around. We have found that our stores do the best in areas that provide other retail and dining options. This area seems to provide more shopping options, and we have plenty of customer parking in the back of our store, making visiting us much more convenient.”

The Carmel store will have four employees, some new and some from the Noblesville store, which opened in 2017. She said the space is perfect for meeting her customers’ needs.

“It seems more like a real boutique in an old historic home that’s been around since the late 1800s,” Noone said. “We are working diligently trying to get the inside renovated for a boutique since it was set up as a kitchen.”

Noone, a Westfield resident, opened her first Bash Boutique in Wabash in 2014 before selling it to one of her employees, Kim Gangstad, in January. Gangstad, a native of Wabash who lives in Carmel, renamed it Bluebird Boutique.

“She has still kept the same concept. I consult with her, and we are extremely close friends,” Noone said. “I wanted to be closer to home and just have locations that were more convenient to manage.”