Heartland Festival’s Conner Prairie screenings moved to Tibbs Oct. 13-14

The Heartland International Film Festival screenings set for Conner Prairie Oct. 13-14 have been moved to Tibbs Drive-In because of safety concerns.
The wind advisory for Oct. 13 and 14 is between 19 to 30 mph. Heartland Film Festival officials have been advised that it is not safe for the 40-foot inflatable screen to be used in wind gusts at 20 mph or higher.
A Heartland Film Festival release stated: “We have been monitoring this very closely and do not want to put anyone at risk. We understand that this is very disappointing news, and no one is more disappointed than us. We were thrilled to be partnering with Conner Prairie, and had been working with them for months to put together this unique experience. But we have to make sure we are creating a fun and safe festival atmosphere.
The Oct. 12 screenings were canceled the same day.
Tibbs Drive-In Theatre, which will hold the final screenings from Oct. 15-18, has offered to host the screenings as a private event to allow for the showing of Oct. 12-14 canceled Conner Prairie screenings. Tibbs is normally closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. The Conner Prairie tickets can be used for any of the below screenings.
Oct. 13
Screen 2: “Best Summer Ever,” 7:15 p.m;  Screen 3: “River City Drumbeat,” 7:15 p.m.; Screen 4” “Can You Hear My Voice,”  7:15 p.m.: Screen 4: “Linda and the Mockingbirds,” 9:15 p.m.
Oct. 14
Screen 3: “Rear Window,” 7:15 p.m.; Screen 3: “Vertigo,” 9:15 p.m.; Screen 4: “River City Drumbeat,” 7:15 p.m.; Screen 4: “Best Summer Ever,” 9:15 p.m.