Column: Do due diligence before voting


Commentary by Jason Peek

As I stand in the Main Street Barber Shop and listen to the folks in front of me debate their opinions on our presidential candidates, it hits me like a ton of bricks: Emotion clearly is getting in the way of factual thinking and making us overlook the obvious: the candidates’ accomplishments.   

I figure either you like or don’t like Donald Trump or Joe Biden, but is emotion of personality getting in the way? I’ve heard a lot of people say they don’t like Trump for his Tweets and his snarky comments, but do we put the personality aside and look at accomplishments in office? Again, accomplishments while holding an elected position.

We’re not yelling and screaming in the streets or at each other. It’s going to the polls and voting. That’s where we really are heard and where it really counts.

I think our best bet is to do some research (try a Google search of a nonpartisan website) and see who has accomplished the most and done the best for our country and people. I’m not having a beer with any of the candidates running for any office, so I might as well check out factual accounts of their work — good or bad.

Oh, and definitely, without a doubt, to make your life better and happier, quit watching the news and go with independent journalists that prove themselves reliable and accurate.