Letter: Money better spent elsewhere



Recently, it was reported Carmel would spend $280,000 to study the costs/benefits of roundabouts, tax increment financing and the public’s perception of them. Mayor Jim Brainard states this has already been done, but wanted more information. Additionally, some will be spent on an online database of city info that might disappear after six months.

With $1.3 billion in debt (yes, with a B), at $14,000 per breathing resident, why? TIF already spends money we don’t have, and Hotel Carmichael (a meager 40 percent or $18-plus million over the initial estimate) should strongly warn we’re headed in the wrong direction. Our algorithm for spending clearly needs revision.

You can’t spend your way out of bad decisions. Why not use that $280,000 to pay down debt? For very little cost, work with Carmel Clay Schools to make student projects out of the research. They’ll learn economics and scientific methods. Carmel gets reliable data from the families impacted most by these changes. For businesses and organizations, we don’t need to categorize Tweets for them.

In a time where many have been hit hard in their pocketbooks and continue to struggle, Carmel is not setting a strong example.

Cyrus Cheeseman, Carmel