Monumental Strategy expands to downtown Noblesville


After several years of operating his marketing business, Monumental Strategy, out of his home and local coffee shops, Noblesville resident Aaron Smith has a brick-and-mortar space.

Monumental Strategy is now based out of the Nova 29 building in downtown Noblesville.

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“I was trying to figure out how to scale the business, so the biggest thing I need now is to duplicate myself,” Smith said of the growth. “Most people in this business are specialized, and they either do video well, logos well, social media very well, and I’m kind of a jack-of-all-trades. I’m all self-taught, so I’m lucky that when I go into a business setting, I’m able to jump in and help them figure out what needs to happen and how to tackle it.”

Smith started the business in January 2017 after working for then-Indiana Sen. Dan Coats as a digital director.

“I started with zero dollars and finally took a salary July that year,” Smith said. “Everything I was making was going toward a laptop or camera just to get me started. We ate rice and beans for a while and the first few months were hard. I had to prove the concept to me and my wife. It just ran from there.

“One of the reasons why I ended up getting a space was, what started as a laptop and a camera has now turned into a teleprompter, a drone, lights, audio equipment, etc. That was one reason why I wanted to get space.”

Another reason Smith wanted his own space was the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Up until this point, I had been working out of my house some or mostly working out of Noble Coffee or on-site with clients and that worked well, but I ran into a lot of issues during COVID when I was trying to meet with clients, and there was really nowhere to meet,” he said. “That got to be really difficult.”

Smith also serves as a Noblesville City Council member.

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