Noblesville eligible for $2M in CARES ACT funds


The City of Noblesville is eligible for a little more than $2 million from the federal economic stimulus package called the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act, or CARES ACT. The state of Indiana received $2.4 billion in federal aid from the CARES ACT and set aside $300 million to be distributed to counties, cities and towns. Hamilton County is eligible for a little more than $10.7 million, and the cities and towns within the county received individual funding based on population.

The funds can be used to recoup expenses already incurred because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Deputy Mayor Matt Light said the city has paid a little more than $551,000 for COVID-19-related expenses. The city has not yet requested the funds allocated from the CARES ACT.

“Our approach has been talking to other municipalities, and we are first seeking to get reimbursement through the FEMA disaster relief grant program,” Light said. “There is some overlap with the CARES ACT funding. With the FEMA disaster relief grant program, local and state government units get 75 percent of expenditures reimbursed, so we are first pursuing FEMA dollars.”

The city’s request for FEMA funds is still pending, and it has not yet received the funds.

Light said the largest COVID-19-related expenses for Noblesville include personal protective equipment, sanitizing supplies and contracting a restoration company to disinfect City Hall, the public safety building, parks facilities and other city facilities.

The three categories for eligibility for CARES ACT funds are necessary expenses incurred because of the pandemic, costs not accounted for in the county’s most recently approved budget as of March 27, and costs incurred during the period that began on March 1 and ends Dec. 30.

Noblesville officials also are working with the state to advocate for relaxing restrictions placed on funding. Federal law allows support to nongovernment entities to be covered under the CARES ACT, but the state has tightened those parameters.

“Right now, we are not able to get the $250,000 in small business resilience grants we issued back in April. We are not able to get reimbursement for that,” Light said.

The county also is working through the funding.

“The county is in contact with the IFA almost daily as we work to decide which expenses are allowable cost under CARES ACT funding,” Hamilton County Grant Administrator Todd Clevenger stated. “Within these three major categories are another six subcategories that expenses must further fit into. It is the Auditor’s Office responsibility to make sure all the departments, within the county and any non-governmental units we help, stay in compliance with all the requirements outlined in section 601(a) of the Social Security Act as added by section 5001 of the CARES ACT.”