Master distiller visits Big Woods Noblesville


Hard Truth Distilling Co., a brand with Big Woods Restaurant Group, recently launched its first whiskey product, Hard Truth Sipes’ Straight Bourbon Whiskey. Master Distiller Bryan Smith recently visited the Big Woods Noblesville to sign bottles and speak about the product.

“We started making whiskey in 2018, and we had to have a lot of patience waiting for the whiskey to develop,” Smith said. “We developed seven other products (including) vodka, gin, rum, and what we found was all the customers and retail partners were getting impatient for us to release a whiskey.”

Hard Truth Distilling Co. is based in Nashville, Ind. As Smith developed Hard Truth’s own product, he offered Lawrenceburg’s MGP of Indiana whisky for Big Woods’ customers.

“We wanted to inject some of our own DNA into the project, and I had some full rum barrels emptying, so we aged this in rum barrels for eight weeks and it added this nice molasses and rum, sticky toffee flavors to accent the bourbon,” Smith said. “Fast forward to this spring, the fans were screaming at us for a bourbon, so I wanted to take that to market.”

Hard Truth Distilling Co. then released 800 cases of its own 4-year-old product and called it Hard Truth Sipes’ Straight Bourbon Whiskey. The name is in honor of Brown County’s first distiller, Henry A. Sipes.

The bourbon is available at various Big Woods locations as well as retailers. It sells for $57.95 a bottle. The bourbon has notes of pecan, caramel and sweet cream, ripe fruit and tobacco. The taste is finished with hints of toasted nuts and cornbread and completed with lingering hints of chocolate, oak and dried fruit.

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