Ashlin Hadden Insurance moves to new location


When Ashlin Hadden interviewed for a job with a well-known insurance firm, the male interviewer told her insurance was a man’s industry and that the men would outsell her.

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Ashlin Hadden is the founder of Ashlin Hadden Insurance. (Submitted photo)

Hadden took that as a challenge.

“I said, ‘You know what? I’ll take the job, and I’m going to prove you wrong,’” Hadden said. “I was Rookie of the Year and the top rep in the state.”

The Noblesville resident went on to launch her own insurance company – Ashlin Hadden Insurance – but she wasn’t always in insurance. She previously worked in banking when her then-mother-in-law told her about the job at the insurance firm.

“I made it a personal challenge to prove him wrong. I worked with (the firm) as an agent for three years,” she said. “The third renewal came around and all of my customers’ rates were going up, and they came to me and said, ‘What can you do?’ I couldn’t do anything because we only sold (for the firm), so I was losing tons of clients.

“I decided to go out on my own, open my own agency and become a broker so I could sell for several different companies.”

Hadden opened her agency in 2014. She recently moved locations from downtown Noblesville to 10911 Greenfield Ave. 

Most of her business is in ecommerce.

“One of my clients called me and he was selling on Amazon as a third-party seller, and he said Amazon was changing the rules and he had to have a business liability policy. At the time, I didn’t know anything about ecommerce or about Amazon, but I was able to find him the policy,” she said. “He came back and said he was part of a Facebook page that had 15,000 followers, and they all need this policy.

“Ecommerce is a niche helping protect online sellers, and it took off like crazy.” 

In addition to running her own agency, Hadden is an active volunteer with the parks department, her church and the PTO board at Promise Road Elementary. She has two sons, Gavin, 8, and Coltin, 5. She has spoken at 30 conferences on insurance and protecting businesses. For more, visit