Carmel High School show choirs selling custom masks


Carmel High School show choirs needed a way to fundraise.

Kathrine Kouns, director of choirs, figured partnering with its custom show choir costume company, Phoenix Design Concepts, to sell custom masks made perfect sense. Diana Coffield, a Zionsville resident and costume company owner, started My Shield Masks to keep her employees busy and help with producing fashionable personal protective equipment during the coronavirus pandemic.

ND CHS MASKS 0630 pic
Emily Koechel, who will be Carmel High School and a member of Accents, and her brother Jackson Koechel, who will be Carmel Middle School seventh grader, wear the masks. (Submitted photo)

“The masks sell for $35 for a set of three masks, and the profits from each sale go directly towards offsetting student fees for (the 2020-21 school year) as well as helping the program recoup funds that we did not raise after having to cancel multiple performances in the spring,” Kouns said.

The school’s Evening of Show Choirs, Ear Candy concert, the spring choir concert and the musical “Into The Woods” all were canceled when the school was forced to close in mid-March. The summer show choir camp also was canceled.

“Collectively, those events make up a huge percentage of our annual budget, so any extra fundraising is a big help,” Kouns said.

Kouns said the choirs want to travel to Orlando in March 2021 to compete in the Heart of America National Show Choir Competition.

“Of course, with COVID-19, our travel plans are currently up in the air, but we are hoping things will improve and we’ll be able to go,” Kouns said.

Coffield has been designing the show choir costumes since Kouns started at CHS in 2014.

“She’s amazing and does a fabulous job every year,” Kouns said. “She primarily designs the costumes for the Accents show choir.”

If buyers want to support a specific choir student, each student has been given a personal code. Customers can enter the code in the discount code box when they place their order, and then that particular student will receive the profit of that sale toward offsetting their choir fees or trip cost.

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