Letter: ‘Is there a doctor in the House?’



As the current pandemic has so strikingly demonstrated, healthcare remains one of the most important issues facing all Americans today. Indiana and the United States has an undeniable need for leadership with experience and knowledge to fix our healthcare system.

Dr. Chuck Dietzen is a healthcare leader both locally and globally and he is a man of significant experience and leadership. He is the candidate for Indiana’s 5th District who has both a vision and a plan to improve the health of the citizens of our state and of our nation.

Like many voters, my personal and political beliefs do not perfectly align with any candidate, Dr. Dietzen included. However, most of the time, and especially in times of crisis, it is incumbent upon us to focus on the common ground, to elect leaders who have not only a vision, not only a plan, but a proven track record of identifying problems and working to fix them. Fixing the healthcare system of our state and of our nation is going to require the direct involvement of people who have been on the front lines of both healthcare administration and healthcare delivery. Dr. Chuck Dietzen is the only candidate who will bring both of these sets of experience from the Hoosier state to Washington, D.C. Please, cast your vote to put a doctor in the House.

Christopher D. Bojrab, M.D.