Jamison wants to expand Janus’ community reach


Jerry Jamison has been passionate about the mission of Janus Development Services long before he joined the staff in September 2019.

In May, Jamison became development and communications director. He replaces Debbie Laird, who retired as senior vice president of development May 22. Jamison was previously the organization’s community employment specialist.

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Janus offers opportunities for individuals with disabilities for education, employment training and independent living.

“The first goal is to preserve and then expand the special relationship Janus has with this community, our donors and our clients,” Jamison said. “It is important that people know just what a significant impact they can have on this community by supporting Janus and its mission. This is the story that I want to tell as often as I can, to as many people as I can, so long as I can.”

Jamison became familiar with Janus because a good friend had a family member who went to Janus for years.

“Several years ago, she introduced me to Janus by inviting me to the Create, Connect, Commit Annual Breakfast,” the Noblesville resident said. “I became a Janus financial supporter that day, but even more I was intrigued by the way Janus appeared to make such a difference for those in our community with special abilities and their families. I was hooked, I guess. “

From there, Jamison began volunteering — first at the Janus facility, and then with the For the Love of Janus Guild.

“That volunteer experience was really eye-opening,” Jamison said. “Every day you were there you could see the impact the work done at Janus had on our clients, their families and our community partners. The more I saw, the more involved I wanted to be and the more determined I became to use my experience to further that mission.”

Jamison also volunteers at his church, Noblesville First United Methodist Church, with the Sunshine Friends, a monthly event for adults with special abilities from the community. Many of the people attending Sunshine Friends are Janus clients, Jamison said. 

“While I grew up in a home where there was a history of assisting and supporting those with special abilities, my work life and volunteer activities have ignited a fire in my heart to do all I can to promote the Janus mission,” he said.