Letter: Spartz attempting to buy nomination



Hamilton County has an opportunity to elect an NRA-approved Tea Party Trumpublican to Congress this fall. Victoria Spartz is making a brazen attempt to buy the nomination, bombarding us with TV ads designed to frighten and alarm regular people. Victoria Spartz is not the person Hamilton County needs representing our interests in Congress.

A glance at her campaign finance disclosure form is revealing. She has “raised,” as of this writing, $759,705 for her campaign, as follows:

  • $7,800 from corporate contributions
  • $1,900, by deduction, from individuals
  • $750,000 from a personal loan to her campaign.

Her grassroots support, at this time, is virtually non-existent. Yet, she is all over TV, fearmongering about socialists and left-wing liberals, bragging about her support from the NRA, cuddling up to a failing, disgraceful President Trump and apparently succeeding in separating herself from a pack of 14 other mostly undistinguished candidates. Of those 14, only Mark Small makes any sense when discussing the issues facing this nation in 2020.

If you believe her ads, Victoria Spartz would be voting against every piece of legislation designed to help Hoosiers avoid the twin calamities of the COVID-19 virus and the impending collapse of the American economy. She portrays herself as a rugged individualist, haranguing people to pull themselves up by their bootstraps, even those folks who don’t have bootstraps upon which to pull.

In her favor, she has promised to limit her service to three terms in the House (this, I suspect, is before running for the U.S. Senate). In any case, it would be three terms too many. Thoughtful Republicans should not support Victoria Spartz in 2020.

Bruce Allen, Carmel