Kit aims to focus personal vision, goals during 2020


By Raymond Mo

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, certified professional coach Sara Armstrong is offering a source of inspiration for those who have given up hope on 2020.

Designed to be “inspiration in a box,” Vision of You is a supply kit of materials needed to create a personal vision board, which is a collage of images, quotes and other affirmations meant to help individuals pursue their dreams and desires. Each kit contains a vision board frame, starter magazines, craft supplies, vision workbook and online self-guided course meant to reignite a sense of purpose and clear vision for the months ahead.

CIC COM 0512 Vision of You
The Vision of You supply kit includes materials to create a personal vision board. (Submitted photo)

“When COVID-19 hit, people were cut off from their daily routines and regular human interactions,” Armstrong said. “They were looking to connect with people, yet they were limited to the confines of their own homes. The Vision of You kit gives people a purposeful, creative outlet that keeps them in touch with their dreams and visions.”

Armstrong also provides online workshops to provide personal guidance throughout the Vision of You experience.

“I host a guided, start-to-finish virtual workshop where we start out with a visualization process that gets individuals in touch with what they truly desire,” Armstrong said. “From there, we are able to go through an educational piece on what vision is, why it’s meaningful and how to utilize your thoughts to anchor you back into the vision so that you can utilize a powerful mindset.”

Armstrong hopes the kits will help people make their visions become reality.

“I firmly believe that vision is power, and any changes that you want to make in life have to start with a vision,” Armstrong said. “But you have to take it so many steps further than that. You’ve got to actually envision what it would be like. Once you unlock that, that’s when your vision becomes power.”

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