Celebrate Mother’s Day at home


Mother’s Day is typically a holiday celebrated with a brunch or dinner at a local restaurant, a tradition interrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Restaurants, however, are still offering plenty of carryout offerings. Many local spots are accepting pre-orders for carryout to celebrate Mother’s Day at home.

Rail will offer quiche for Mother’s Day brunch. (Submitted photos)

Rail, 211 Park St. Westfield

Offerings: Rail is accepting Mother’s Day pre-orders for brunch. The menu includes muffins ($15 for a half dozen, $30 for a dozen), ratatouille quiche ($16), sausage strata ($18), French toast casserole ($16), chicken salad and croissants ($24), strawberry spinach salad ($20), Rail cobb salad ($20) and desserts such as zucchini bars, Park Street citrus pie, strawberry rhubarb pie, cakes and pints of ice cream. “Mom”osa Kits will offer a traditional kit including one 750 milliliter bottle of Jean Louis Cuvee, orange juice and strawberries for $29 or a blood orange kit including one 750 milliliter bottle of Jean Louis Cuvee, blood orange juice mix and strawberries for $30.

How to pre-order: Pre-orders are due May 6 for May 9 pick-up. Email orders with phone number to [email protected] or call 317-804-8555.

Donatello’s Italian Restaurant Mother’s Day menu includes cannolis.

Donatello’s Italian Restaurant, 9 West Main St., Carmel

Offerings: Donatello’s Italian Restaurant is offering a Mother’s Day menu in which all food is ready to reheat or cook for easy preparation. Offerings include garlic bread (a loaf for $8), a pan of zucchini ($7), pan of broccoli ($7), a pan of roasted red potatoes ($8), a pan of four stuffed chickens with mozzarella, prosciutto and basil ($40), a quart of tomato vodka sauce ($10), a pan of 12 meatballs ($22), a tray of four chicken parmesan ($40), a box of uncooked pasta ($3), a slice of cheesecake ($5.50), a cannoli ($5.50), a slice of tiramisu ($6), a double scoop of chocolate gelato ($4.50), a bottle of Alpataco Malbec ($30) and a bottle of Dipinti Pinot Grigio ($24).

Donatello’s Italian Restaurant also may sell other menu items and will sell cake by the slice.

How to pre-order: Orders must be placed by 3 p.m. May 8 and there are no cancellations. Order by calling 317-556-4790 and paying over the phone or visit fs26.formsite.com/kd4yMM/4yk0da7eyv/index.html, fill out an order and pay through PayPal.


Jan’s Village Pizza, 108 S. Union St., Westfield

Offerings: Jan’s Village Pizza offers several menu items for Mother’s Day, all of which feed four to six people. Selections include spaghetti, salad, breadsticks, tiramisu or iced lemon bread for $42.99 or $47.99 with meatballs. Another option is fettuccine Alfredo, salad, tiramisu or iced lemon bread for $43.99 or $47.99 with chicken.

How to pre-order: Pre-orders can be made at jansvillagepizza.com or by calling 317-896-5050. Pre-orders must be made by noon May 9. Orders can be picked up or delivered starting at noon on Mother’s Day.


Gallery Pastry Shop, 1101 E. 54th St., Suite G., Indianapolis

Offerings: Gallery Pastry Shop has a wide variety of Mother’s Day menu items, mostly desserts with some breakfast items such as quiche and croissants. Prices vary. Visit us.orderspoon.com/4GVJXWWRRPCK1 for the full menu.

How to pre-order: Items must be ordered by May 6 and are available for pick-up May 10.