Town council approves town center master plan


The McCordsville Town Council adopted the town center master plan at its Feb. 11 meeting, 4-1, with councilor Greg Brewer casting the sole nay vote.

Director of Planning and Building Ryan Crum said the master plan is a visioning document for the future town center.

“It lays out the plan and vision, declares the area and says this is what we would like to see developed here,” Crum said. “It’s our guiding principle document to get development to occur there that is keeping with our vision.”

The town center is planned on approximately 150 acres southeast of West Broadway and Mt. Comfort Road. 

Because the council approved the plan, the town’s next steps are to implement it with actions such as zoning.

“We need to work on zoning that will match the town center master plan, and we need to continue to talk with developers and have meetings with developers and learn more about what they like and don’t like about the plan,” Crum said. “The plan shows what we want in terms of the vision, but we understand what is built is not going to look exactly like that plan. The plan gives us the template for what we hope it looks like, and that’s OK as long as it is in tune with the overall vision of mixed use, like shopping experiences for a live/work/play-type of area.”

Crum said there is no timeline to implement the plan. Throughout 2020, the town will continue zoning implementation.
“There are not going to be shovels in the ground this year and probably not next year,” Crum said. “This is a long-term plan and project. It’s not something that’s going to happen quickly overnight. We’ve seen in other places, it has happened really fast, but with McCordsville’s town center, people are going to need to be more patient.

“It’s going to come along, but it’s going to come along at a slower pace than what some of bigger cities are able to do.”

The latest version of the plan is available on the town’s website at

A drainage study of the area is under way.

“You have to know where the water is at and where it’s going to go post-development,” Crum said. “It becomes really important with a project of this scale. Detention and drainage need to be phased as well, and that’s a big part of implementation.”

The drainage study is expected to be complete by spring.