Opinion: Living well


So, the aphorism goes: The only thing constant is change itself. As our years on the planet rack up, we become more confirmed in the cliché. We communicate with each other differently. Texting, cellphones and email were inconceivable only a few years ago. We eat, travel and reside in an ever-evolving fashion.

The very expression of what it means to be a family, community and society is constantly being reimagined, contorted and tested. And even the age-old “Dating Game” has entirely new rules. Kids and adults find each other via apps and chat rooms. It is a brave new world. Yet, aren’t we still seeking companionship, love and relevance just like we always did? 

Still, shouldn’t we challenge our accepted notions occasionally, not necessarily to overturn them, but to determine their applicability and validity? Are we living well? Are we living as we should? The examination of a life shouldn’t imply that the existing life is unworthy – often in review we discover that the patterns we employ, even while imperfect, are the very best choices available. Should our desire for change allow for a reinvestment in the existing standards and relationships? While many of us only consider “change” to mean a wholesale destruction of what came before, is it possible that our gnawing and unsettled lives don’t demand something new but rather a proper execution of and investment in that which we already have?