Letter: Taxpayers lose in Carmel’s lawsuit win


Editor, ​

I saw that Carmel “won” a lawsuit about the Religious Freedom Restoration Act fix. I decided to see what Carmel taxpayers actually won, since I am sure most of us were really concerned either way. It looks like, and only through Jan. 8 of this year, that we won the right to pay Krieg DeVault law firm $251,596.17 so far for this big victory.

I also note that one Libby Goodknight of that law firm has cleaned up in this pointless exercise to the tune of $196,125. And of course (Mayor) Jim Brainard won $5,000 in campaign donations from Krieg DeVault this spring to keep making Carmel the greatest city ever.

The fix is in, and it’s on “We the Taxpayers.” As Thomas DiLorenzo quipped, “The purpose of government is for those who run it to plunder those who do not.” Whether RFRA is right or wrong, Ms. Goodknight has done a fine job monetizing the noncontroversy. Too bad Carmel won the lawsuit to plunder Home Place and force me to pay her so much.​

​Eric S. Morris​, Carmel