Cold weather doesn’t stop Carmel Runners Club


By Desiree Williams

Cold doesn’t bother the Carmel Runners Club.

Even with the low temperatures, board member and club member Cristy Heisey said someone is always ready for a run.

“A lot of people think runners are just crazy, (but) when you have a community that gets it, it makes it a lot of fun,” said Heisey, who works as a paralegal at Kroger, Gardis & Regas, LLP in Indianapolis.

The Carmel Runners Club is a nonprofit dedicated to promoting a healthy lifestyle through exercise, training and social activities. Founded seven years ago, the group has grown from 10 to almost 250 members.

CRC members run every Wednesday at 6 p.m. from Union Brewing Co. and every Saturday at 8 a.m. from Carmel City Center.

In the spring, the CRC introduced a walking club to complement running activities, something the board had been trying to implement for several years. Heisey said it was difficult to launch, but the board wanted anyone interested in wellness to feel welcome.

Walkers meet at the same time and follow the same route as the running club and total one hour of walking.

“We’ve seen that transform walkers into runners, but we also have several that still walk every week and just want to be part of a group,” Heisey said. “That’s been a great addition to something that we can offer to the community.”

Although some might meet to walk in the winter, the walking club officially returns in the spring.

Anyone interested in joining the CRC can fill out an online application. A $35 annual membership fee provides access to all events, training, seminars and discounts. The CRC partners with St. Vincent Sports Performance and Indy Podiatry for injury clinics and workout classes as well as the Athletic Annex and Runners Forum for gear discounts, among many others.

CRC also awards scholarships to high school students who “exemplify strength, courage and endurance through running.”

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