Faces of Fishers: Dawn Adams


Compiled by Shelly Gattlieb

CIF COM 1119 FacesofFishers

Dawn Adams is the kind of person you meet once and never forget. Her constant smile and enthusiastic spirit spreads motivation wherever she goes, and everyone who meets Adas feels lucky to have gained a new friend.

She loves the sense of community that she has experienced while residing in Fishers with her husband, Steve, their twin daughters and dog, Judd.

As the community relations director of Food4Souls, Dawn is a liaison between her friends without homes and the resources that can assist them, often networking with social workers, employers and recovery homes. Food4Souls is a nonprofit founded in 2013 by a group of Heartland Church members. It will soon be expanding with the addition of Daniel’s House in downtown Indianapolis, which will provide a safe refuge environment and offer services, including art therapy and life skills training.

Hometown: New Castle

Where she met Steve: Church camp

Attitude to share: “Every day is a new day” and “never give up”

Personal mission: Remind people of their value and help them become the best version of themselves

Favorite thing to wear: Hats, especially baseball caps

Ultimate gift card: Ghirardelli

Current podcast: “Goal Digger”

Quote to live by: “Always We Begin Again” – St. Benedict

Favorite TV series: “Gilmore Girls” and “This Is Us”

Favorite Fishers event: Tuesday night concerts in the park

Gift to the world: Smile and approachability

Something she wants to try: Latin dance class

Best gift ever received: Her healthy twin girls, born 3 months early and beating all odds

Favorite Bible verse: “Romans 12:12”

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