Vote Howard in the new North District



Over the past few months, I hope you’ve had the opportunity to meet my friend, William Howard, who is running to become our city councilor in the new North District. William has knocked on doors in every neighborhood in our district to talk to people about the local issues that matter most to them. As our city councilor, he will continue to listen to our concerns and work hard to represent our interests as taxpayers.

William values citizen engagement, government transparency and fiscal responsibility—with a goal of ensuring that Carmel remains an excellent place to live—not just today, but also for future generations. He’s seeking to represent the diverse voices that make up our district so that we have a say in the critical decisions that affect our community.

I encourage every citizen to research the candidates on the ballot, but most importantly, to vote early or on Nov. 5. I’ll proudly be casting my vote for William L. Howard to represent me on the city council.

Erin Vahrenkamp, Carmel