Column: Coordinating design professionals is the linchpin to success


Commentary by Randy Sorrell and Bill Bernard

A successful remodeling project requires coordinating the expertise of design and construction professionals, ranging from plumbing to painting, cabinets to countertops and from wallpaper to windows. Remodeling the bathroom shown in the photo started by loosely defining the “look” and “feel” the homeowner was hoping to achieve. We used the description of a relaxed spa setting as our mission statement to guide the design and material selections.

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Coordinating expertise is key to a succesful remodel. (Submitted photos)

We utilize a variety of local showrooms and their selections specialists to guide our decisions each step along the way. We selected cabinets and countertops at the very beginning of the process. All of the remaining selections were chosen to complement those initial selections. When we selected tile, the decision was made to eliminate the typical shower curb and allow the floor tile to continue straight into the shower. Decorative glass tiles were selected to highlight the large recessed niches that were incorporated to hold showering products and decorative accessories.

In keeping with the “spa” setting, we selected a variety of plumbing fixtures for the shower that included a fixed showerhead, a handheld fixture and a rainhead. We also incorporated a bench within the shower. The freestanding tub and tub filler, along with easy access to bathing accessories, also served to reinforce the spa feeling.

Wall treatments and lighting also were selected to inspire a relaxed feeling throughout the space. The wall behind the vanity was highlighted with wallpaper to provide a subtle touch of texture and color. The lights were controlled with a dimmer to allow the homeowners to establish the mood.

What would you like to see in your new space?

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