Emplify lands $15M in growth capital, to hire more employees


Emplify, a Fishers-based software company at 1787 Lantern Rd., Suite 201, recently received $15 million in growth capital.

CEO and co-founder Santiago Jaramillo said Emplify received the funding because it figured out how to combine a survey software and pair it with an employee engagement strategist. The strategist then talks about the survey results with company leaders.

CIF Business local 1029 Emplify

“The No. 1 issue for companies is how to attract, engage and retain talents,” Jaramillo said. “Companies are really having a hard time getting a workforce to do what they need to do.”

Jaramillo said the main driver behind the problems is employees have changed the reason why they work. He said 20 years ago, employees mostly worked for compensation and benefits. Today, that’s the sixth most-important reason for choosing a job.

“People take pay cuts to go work for companies they believe in where management treats them well,” Jaramillo said. “Our customers predictably change their employee engagement. It improves productivity and decreases turnover. It literally changes a business and gives them more revenue and less cost.”

Edison Partners in New York City was the lead investor for the funding. Jaramillo said Emplify will use the funds to hire more software development employees and scale up the sales team.

“We are hiring across the board,” Jaramillo said. “I’m really proud we don’t only get to be here in Fishers, but we are creating lots of jobs.”

For more, visit emplify.com.