Street department gives Zionsville Road update


Construction to widen Zionsville Road is approximately three to four weeks behind schedule, according to Zionville Street and Stormwater Supt. Lance Lantz. The delay is a result of the rainy spring season and several unexpected utility roadblocks.

“Originally, when we started construction this spring, the project had an anticipated or hoped for completion date of the end of October,” Lantz said. “Initially, we had some unusually high precipitation in early spring that tampered the initial efforts. Many projects’ Achilles’ heels are weather and utilities, and this project has been plagued by both in spades.”

Although weather improved at the end of June, construction was hindered when utilities were discovered where they weren’t expected to be. In addition, Zionsville Road was previously a railroad line.
“Because it used to serve as a couple of railroad corridors, a lot of things were encountered that were anomalies, like old concrete foundations in isolated areas that couldn’t have been foreseen,” Lantz said. “Every time you hit these underground structures or anomalies, we have to take a step back and figure out how to address them, and that adds to increased project time.”

Lantz said the town wants to reopen the road the week before Thanksgiving. Zionsville Road is closed to through-traffic just north of the Vonterra subdivision.

The project will widen the road to 12-foot travel lanes in each direction and include a 14-foot wide turn lane. Construction also adds a pathway on the west side of the road to connect the sidewalk system at 96th Street to 106th Street, and a pathway on the east side of the road will extend from the Inglenook subdivision to 106th Street.