Fishers woman creates haunting experience in garage for Halloween


Jennifer Chavez knows Halloween isn’t for everyone, but it’s her favorite holiday.

“Not everybody gets Halloween, so it can be kind of embarrassing, but I love it,” she said.

Chavez begins decorating the interior of her house in the Woodberry subdivision on Orange Blossom Trail in July. She sets up a ceramic village that spans seven tables and fills one room.

Chavez also sets up a haunted house in the family’s garage.

“We have always done a haunted house. This year’s them is ‘IT’ and Pennywise,” she said. “Last year, we divided the garage into three sections – scary, not scary and really scary.”

This year’s haunted house is in a U-shape, where kids will enter one side and exit the other.

“If they want to go through it, they get a full-sized candy bar, and if not, they get a snack-sized,” she said. “If I didn’t make a kid cry, then I did not succeed.”

Outside, Chavez said there’s a spider the size of a car, a graveyard, skeletons and more.

“We just have fun with it,” she said.

Chavez said she has 60 storage totes for Halloween and only 12 for Christmas.