Town council unanimously approves budget, salary ordinance


At its Oct. 21 meeting, the Zionsville Town Council unanimously approved the town’s 2020 budget and salary ordinance. Only four councilors, Kevin Spees, Bryan Traylor, Jason Plunkett and Josh Garrett, were present.

Total estimated expenditures for the 2020 budget are $35.5 million, a 5.74 percent change from 2019’s budget of $33.5 million. Deputy Ed Mitro presented on the salary ordinance.

“Hopefully, this will be fairly easy since we just adopted the budget,” Mitro said following the unanimous 4-0 approval vote. “This year, the salary ordinance for the town essentially mirrors the budget items and budget numbers which you have just approved. It also looks at our benefit package, specifically health insurance, and there was no increase this year. Numbers stayed the same, which is always a good thing, especially with insurance.”

Following the presentation, Spees asked for a description of the the vacation package. 

“If you’re a new hire in your first year, it’s two weeks,” Mitro said. “Then, there is a graduating scale as you get on in your later years. It can go up to five weeks after 15 years.”

Garrett asked if the standards were typical for public service employees, and Mitro said they were.
The ordinance was introduced on its first reading. For more, visit