Letter: Now we have a choice



When we received our absentee ballot for the Nov. 5 municipal election, we were struck by how one-sided our candidate choices were, as we know from countless conversations with neighbors and friends that Carmel is not the monolith it appears to be.

Competitive races engage voters, encourage moderation and promote smart policy-making. Conversely, a ballot with no choices leaves citizens uninterested, while depriving our institutions of important checks and balances, independent voices and measures of accountability.

We are excited that there is a choice for the new West District of Carmel in which we live: Miles Nelson, an entrepreneur/small business owner and long-time Carmel resident. His platform of transparency in budgeting and policy making, pursuing financially sustainable development and celebration of our diverse community is energizing.  

Regardless of party, we want to applaud Miles Nelson for stepping up and offering citizens a real choice. There is no higher calling in civic life than public service, and we hope more citizens are inspired to serve. The diversity of west Carmel ought to be reflected in our choice of candidates and, ultimately, in our representatives, so that all voices have a seat at the table.

Sunila Reddy and Sujata Chugh, Carmel