Arrestee conceals cocaine in jail, results in medical checks


At approximately 11:07 p.m. Oct. 14, a Boone County Sheriff’s Office deputy arrived at the Boone County Jail with Kevin Lampley, 34, Indianapolis.

Lampley was arrested and charged for driving with a suspended license.

During the jail intake process, when Lampley was scanned for hidden contraband, officers observed an unidentified object in Lampley’s pants. When officers escorted Lampley to the changeout area, Lampley retrieved two bags of white powder from his pants and placed them in his mouth.

When officers tried to detain Lampley to retrieve the items, Lampley resisted and spit the substance in the officers’ faces. The substance was later identified as cocaine.

Lampley was detained, and medics arrived at the jail to complete a medical check out on Lampley and the three officers involved.

The incident is still under investigation.