Letter: Clerk-treasurer’s actions don’t match story



Since I am the City of Carmel’s corporation counsel I have been trying to stay out of the recent mud-slinging by Clerk-Treasurer Christine Pauley in her apparent attempt to elect Fred Glynn and thus secure her continued employment by the City of Carmel. However, as a private citizen and voter, her recent allegations have gotten so fact-challenged that I feel it is my duty to relay my personal observations regarding her conduct toward Mayor Jim Brainard on or about June 24, 2016, which I believe puts the lie to her assertions that she saw him as a mere “mentor” and not as something more personal.

In this regard, on June 24, 2016, a U.S. Conference of Mayors conference was being hosted by the City of Carmel and I was enjoying the festivities that were open to the public and being held on Main Street that evening. As I exited the Monon Parkway and turned onto Main Street, I saw Mayor Brainard walking down the sidewalk adjacent to the north side of Main Street. He was talking to a small group of whom I assumed to be other mayors. As I started to cross the street to say hello to the mayor, I first heard and then observed Clerk-Treasurer Pauley laughing and running down the sidewalk toward Mayor Brainard’s group. She appeared to be intoxicated.

When Ms. Pauley reached the mayor’s group, she placed her hand on what appeared to be the mayor’s rear end, and I saw the mayor partially turn around in surprise. I remember thinking at the time that such a public display of affection was unseemly for an elected official and probably embarrassing to the mayor.

I only disclose this observation because such conduct runs counter to recent allegations that have been made regarding the relationship between the mayor and Ms. Pauley at that time.

Douglas Haney, Carmel, City of Carmel corporation counsel