Letter: Corbett speaks out for taxpayers



I am voting Mike Corbett for mayor of Noblesville because he is the citizen’s candidate. He has repeatedly spoken out for Noblesville’s taxpayers and against irresponsible use of taxpayer funds related to corporate welfare. He has spoken out about other decisions that have been made, such as the train, which opposes the desires and best interests of a large number of our citizens. Noblesville needs a mayor who will work for the citizens, not favored businesses and contractors that will bring forth future political donations. 

Mike knows that as our mayor, he must work hard to make sure our schools receive sufficient funding by increasing the tax base. He knows our schools, educators, families with children, retirees and citizens on fixed income deserve this. 

While other candidates seek to meet with citizens prior to the election to hear our issues, Mike Corbett has been meeting and corresponding with us for the past decade. Mike knows the issues and he is prepared to serve. 

The days of seeing less fortunate citizens work two or three part-time jobs just to survive needs to end. The fact that eight out of 10 of my adult family members who live in Noblesville have to commute to another city to earn a living wage, and that my husband with 26 years of machining and four years experience as a Navy machinery repairman, can’t seem to land an interview in Noblesville tells me that we have not made much progress in creating good-paying jobs, despite the fact that as a Noblesville business owner and taxpayer, I’ve paid hundreds of thousands in taxes to create them.

Voting for those endorsed by local government employees is likely a continuation of the same policies. Vote for change. Vote Mike Corbett for mayor of Noblesville on May 7.

Annette Davis, Noblesville