Letter: Response missed the point



Jeff Lefevere responded to my recent letter by completely missing my point – which was that Fred Glynn called out Carmel voters for re-electing Mayor Jim Brainard through “name identification,” not “adulation.” I did list many reasons for adulation, all of which Jeff Lefevere did agree were “amazing things.” Yet his response went on to claim that our city council “has largely been selected by the mayor.” Last time I checked, these are not appointed positions, and Carmel voters went to the polls and made informed decisions when casting their ballots.

Jeff Lefevere also went on to criticize our duly elected officials for making decisions that some had opposed. That is his right, however, please do not insult those of us who did agree with these decisions as though we are unintelligent. Most of us are not unduly concerned about the city debt, as the revenue base is growing, the plans are not short-term and our bond ratings have gone up.

We did get tired of the city council members who were blocking or trying to block progress and voted them out in the last election. So – if you oppose reelection of our mayor and our city council, please present facts and your opinions but please stop portraying the rest of us in this insulting manner.

Mary Kinietz-Boyden, Carmel