Letter: Hard work pays off



While I admire (Christina Downey’s) obvious passion around this subject, being a late baby boomer, born in 1964, I disagree with the accuracy of her statements (in a letter to the editor published March 19).

I graduated from high school in 1982. There were very few grants or scholarships available, and publicly backed student loans were not in existence unless you met very stringent requirements. I scored a 32 on my ACT and did not qualify for any aid whatsoever. Like most of my classmates, I desired to attend college but could not afford it. I spent six years in the Navy gaining technical experience while serving my country. I have no regrets.

A no-cost public education did not exist at the time, nor at any time in my 55 years of life. So, while I understand Christina’s desires, her facts are not accurate. No-cost college is far from no cost for those who would need to pay through taxes. It is radical in that it would be new, unless you lived in California, perhaps.

I would rather pay forward my advice that you can accomplish whatever you desire, if you work hard and look at all options, including the great education provided by the military services or working while in school to pay for your education. It ultimately is your responsibility and will, in fact, teach responsibility.

Terry Wright, Noblesville