Scout organizes Carmel High School choir costumes to earn Eagle rank


Carmel High School junior Nathan Felix didn’t have to look far for inspiration for his Eagle Scout project for the Boy Scouts of America. Felix is a member of New Edition, an upper intermediate level mixed choir at CHS.

From left, Eagle Scout Nathan Felix, center, pauses with his parents, Paul and Nicki. (Submitted photo)

“I asked a teacher if he had any ideas of things I could do for my project,” Felix said. “He told me the performing arts department had this upstairs costume room that is filled with costumes and they don’t know what is up there and what was no longer usable.”

The costumes were stored in totes, organized by color, but finding exactly what was needed was still difficult.

“I created an online database that has a locator for each of those boxes with the costumes inside, so they know exactly what is where,” Felix said. “And if they’re looking for a specific type of costume, they can just type it in and a list of things will just pop up.”

With more than 700 totes to sort and organize, the project took Felix more than a month to complete.

“Nathan and his team of helpers spent countless hours taking photos of each item and creating a uniform label for the outside of each tub,” Kathrine Kouns, CHS director of choirs, stated in an email. “They made sure to put each tub in a specific location based on the garment type and color, and Nathan created a database for logging all of the costumes so that we can quickly and easily find what we have without having to walk upstairs and stare at hundreds of tubs.”

The department plans to continue Felix’s work in the future.

“We are very appreciative that he chose the Carmel choir program to be on the receiving end of his generosity of time and service,” Kouns said.