Fishers resident releases book ‘Love or Die’


Fishers resident Dr. Stan Wenck and Andy Meadows recently released a book called “Love or Die.” Wenck said the book is a direct response to the current state of the world.

“I felt a growing sense that there was something deeper that could enhance my clinical practice (psychology), a way for us to somehow discover our true self and begin to love our self, and others, unconditionally,” Wenck said. “A newly embraced concept that we all have a divine essence within was life changing for me, for my clients and for my relationships.”

51QL BrMUWL. SX311 BO1204203200Wenck said one of the first steps is to love oneself.

“The scheme of things is that we need to learn to love ourselves more,” he said. “I think we really don’t have a feel for that because so many people believe they have original sin or feel they are flawed or incomplete. The book makes the point that we are, in fact, complete, and we have a spark of the divine within us. It helps us to learn to love ourselves first, which is in fact the first step.”

Self-love then spreads, making for a better world, Wenck said.

“Rrom there, that particular love goes through families, communities, regions, state,  nationally and internationally,” he said. “The book gives coverage to each of those steps.”

Co-authors Meadows and Wenck met during a book discussion group.

“We found that we were kind of kindred souls in that we have similar interests,” Wenck said. “We decided to approach this topic, outline it and ultimately write it.”

Wenck and Meadows plan to have book signings in the future. The book is available on and at Barnes & Noble bookstores. It retails for $12.95 for paperback or $8.99 on Kindle.